Fixing Facebook Ads

When we signed CGSpectrum as a client, CGspectrum was not delivering Facebook Ads, One of the reasons was because of the lack of results and low ROI.

One of our jobs here at The Black Bird is to help clients get the best of their Money, so Fixing the High CPA was our main priority.

Quickly we realized that one of the problems of the ads not performing as expected was the targeting.


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Fixing the Ads

Step 1

Identify the Audience

The number one mistake we see in ads, is the fact of not targeting the right persona, knowing who your client is, is always the first step

Step 2

High Relevant Ads

Showing ads that are relevant to the audience.
Relevant ads allow to bring down the CPV and makes easier for the client to click therefore lowering the CPA

Step 3

An Offer They Cannot Refuse

We launched the campaign with a Free Trial Offer, allowing potential students to test before buying

Step 4


Sending potential students to an Easy to apply page, allowing them to quickly learn more about the company, generating awareness and at the same time apply for their desired classes.

Before The Black Bird

High CPA Cost, High Ad Spend

After The Black Bird

Lower CPA Cost, Lower Ad Spend, High Relevancy
  – Link clicks are “cheaper to advertise” than Landing Page Views but because we had the persona and the targeting right, we managed to have a cheaper Landing Page view than Link Clicks

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