This was an interesting project for us.

A StartUp from the UK wanted our services.

Funny enough they wanted us to do a product design, more specific a Plushie design.

And Because here at TBB We LOVE Design we took on the challenge.

So it all started like any plushie design start, with Lots of Research and drawing cute Teddybears, however, we wanted to create something different, so we designed something traditional with a twist.

And more functional, and child-friendly.

Because we are a Social First Company and Love Human Connections.

We decided to make this project even more awesome, we wanted not only to make it special to the child but for the parents as well, we added a simple feature that allows parents to keep a memory “inside the plushie”, it can be the first teeth, a simple drawing or sometimes, simply something to remember, Not only that we wanted it to be the perfect gift, so we made it embroidery ready, and remember when we said Child-friendly? the design allows the parents to take out the Pods to wash both the pods and the plushie to keep it always clean and like new.


Cuddles/Product Design



What We Did

Design & Consulting

Design How it’s meant to be.

Rough, Functional And Fun

Allow Me To Share With You.

The Images (sketches) you’re about to see is what we call Rough Sketches, is part our brainstorm session and is what the client sees when they accept the initial designs =)

All pictures were provided by : HideyBoo