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The Black Bird packs are designed with your company in mind, from Advertising to Design & video production, we make your business succeed in this noisy world

Who are we?

We’re The Black Bird, A Creative Agency Located In Portugal. Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

The Black Bird is a creative Design and Digital Marketing Studio. We help businesses Grow. Tell their stories, Emotionally connect and engage with their audience where the attention is “📱”, and creating a brand that leaves a legacy and his mark in this world.

How we do it?

We Leverage Data, Culture & Creativity

We Help Businesses find and tell their stories to a highly target and relevant audience, delivering not the boring ads people skip, but things that they will actually care and connect.
We are a team of young entrepreneurs, Marketeers, and Designers that breath the culture of the NOW! and understand how to capture attention and make marketing that matters. By understanding human behavior and needs we can push the boundaries when it comes to speaking to their primary decision maker "emotions"

Our Projects
Our Clients

We make it simple to share your business with target audiences.

We make it look easy we make it look awesome. We follow a 3 Step Formula to Success

Strategy & Data

Campaign Planning, Data Analysis, Funnel Strategy

Watch the magic happen

The awesome Creative Ads & Sales Funnel

Enjoy your increased revenue

Relax and Go for a drink with your new leads

Black Bird successfully helped us upgrade marketing efforts, and the overall effectiveness of campaigns, unique to our customer base. They've consistently demonstrated a keen awareness of industry-specific trends (for both academic and entertainment fields), and how they affect the receptiveness of our target demographic.


Working with The Blackbird has been a breath of fresh air! Being from a niche industry CG Spectrums marketing needs are quite unique and require custom solutions. Where other marketing agencies have failed Carlos and his team has surpassed our expectations with their hands on, custom tailored approach. We look forward to working with The Blackbird for many years to come.

Nick FredinCEO, CGSpectrum
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What Do We do?

We are a full-service Agency, from design and branding to marketing and lead generation, we make sure we cover all the needs of your company, so your only concern and focus is to deliver the best service possible to your new clients

Content Creation

Need a Blog? Graphic Design? what about a podcast? Writers, designers, photographers, editors, and animators with one common goal: to share your idea

Web Design

Your Website is like your store, needs to look great and comfortable for your costumer, Give a beautiful and professional look to your online presence with responsive websites that clients are going to love.


Your brand is like a fingerprint, needs to be unique, and recognizable yet beautiful, we focus on giving the right message and fingerprint, creating a solid brand for your business


Why limit your business? Start selling online

Video Production & Motion Graphics

If a picture is worth a 1000 words a Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words, from small trailers to animations, share your business story in the way it's supposed to be tol


Why have a website and not get noticed? We help your business rank on Search Engines so you can be ahead of the competition

Social Media Management

We will Manage your reputation in the social world and keep it updated so you can have a full online presence

Paid Media

Running ads where it's actually relevant, from Google and Youtube to Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Your Audience Network. We Target your audience where they are!

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth still the most powerful marketing ever, in today's era we have Influencers, connecting your brand to their passionate audience

Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation strategy is less like a funnel and more like an hourglass, we believe in providing true value first, Creating not only a "lead" but a true fan of the brand


Maybe you just need an Advice or another pair of eyes 🙂 we are here for you!

TBB Solutions

We love helping Startups... We've been there before and know how hard it can be, The Black Bird Solutions is designed to help startups reach their full potential.

Lovely Content

Tbb develops content that is meaningful to your audience

The Right Target

Right person, Right time, Right message. The beauty of digital marketing is that you can easily target your future customers

Your Persona

Targeting your Persona, What is their journey? their story? what is the story they want to hear? more than creating awareness for your company, our goal is to connect your company with your customer on a human level!

Fun Data

We make data FUN! and EASY to understand, we will not only help you grow your business but also help you measure it in a fun and easy way!

We are Fast, Precise and Majestic... Kinda like a Bird.

Take a Peak at our Awesome Projects

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CGSpectrum Fixing Facebook Ads

August 27, 2018


CGMA Winter New Courses Trailer

August 27, 2018

CGMA Promo Trailer

August 27, 2018

GAI’s New Face

GAI’s New Face

August 27, 2018

How It Works – CGSpectrum

How It Works – CGSpectrum

August 27, 2018

CGSpectrum Alumni Demo Reel

CGSpectrum Alumni Demo Reel

August 27, 2018

400k Organic Monthly Visitors

400k Organic Monthly Visitors

August 25, 2018



August 7, 2018



August 7, 2018

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